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Types of Fencing

Concrete Construction

Concrete Post and Gravel board with a Closed board pressure treated timber panel. This type of fence uses a slotted concrete post to hold the panel in place. It has great longevity and if a panel is damaged is very easy to replace.

Featheredge Fencing

Featheredge type fencing. A featheredge fence will be constructed using a frame of timber rails and posts. Depending on construction type, the rails may be recessed slightly into the post. Individual featheredge boards are then nailed to the rails with a timber gravel board installed below. The post centres are usually slightly further apart than standard post and panel type fencing so construction costs can result in significant savings on a long run.

Timber Posts and panels

Timber post and Panel type fencing. This construction would be the traditional garden fence. Traditionally a 3" or 75mm square post would be used, however we more often use a 4" or 100mm square post. This is due to the smaller timber posts rotting at ground level before the rest of the fence has reached the end of its life, resulting in replacement before time.

Picket Fencing

Picket fences. Often used around the front of a property the picket fence offers a great way of marking a border or preventing people short cutting across your garden. The strength of the fence can be adjusted by changing gaps between pales and size and quantity of both post and rail, which can be important next to footpaths etc.

Continental or Decorative fencing

Continental or Decorative fences. If you would like a softer or more modern feeling then unfortunately the cost will increase however the choice is vast. A decorative fence panel differs in that the timber is planed before pressure treating. The panel does tend to be a little lighter so will not take the abuse that say a closed board panel would. Weaving timber or integrating trellis into the panel add to interest so the panel can be used more as a feature. Often both sides of the panel are identical which can be important. There is also a range of matching planed slotted posts and gravel boards so a fantastic unusual finish is possible.

Post and Rail Fencing

Post and Rail type fencing. Whether its 3 or 4 rails per span or with barbed wire on top we can undertake it all. Not only in large field but also gardens and paddocks etc.

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